Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leaving Bushnell Today...

We're pulling out this afternoon. Got a little rain shower this morning and some gusty winds but as of noon the rain has stopped. Still lots of grey skies and the wind is still blowing but will be fine to get the couple things done outside before we leave.
We'll miss the big oak trees, laden with wispy moss, that are prevalent throughout this area. We'll also miss our neighbors here at The Oaks and our friend Jan, who we've spent a lot of time with.
About two days ago Linda and I started to get the "hitch itch" excitement that we get when we're about to leave one area for a new destination. For our fulltiming buddies on the road, they know what we mean. For those back home, it's an anticipation like you got as a kid on Christmas eve and you couldn't wait for morning to come so you could open your presents. Well, it's Christmas every day for us on the road....always a new "present" just around the next bend.

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