Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quiet Day...

We spent most of the day just hanging around the house. Linda had a nursing webinar at 1:00 so after that finished we headed to the post office to check for mail and then we decided to drive around. We went in the opposite direction, from where we had driven before, to check things out. We found the Camping World store....which our friends Bobbie and Jim had taken us to when we first arrived but since we were new to the area when they took us, we didn't realize it was up this way. Went in and bought a couple things and continued on up the road. Drove through Robertsdale where we saw a Habitat for Humanity Restore....a store where building supplies are sold for a lot less than you'd pay in a regular store. These supplies come from contractors, demolition crews and stores who donate the items to Habitat. Habitat uses the funds, from selling these items, to help fund their building projects for needy families.

We bought some ice cream and ate that while we drove back home. Another great day weather wise....might be some rain coming by the weekend.

Linda is still waiting to be confirmed for the job in Natchitoches, LA. I got some good news yesterday. My fingerprints came back from FEMA clear so I can be deployed any time now. 81 days till the official start of hurricane season but that isn't the only disaster we cover. Roughly 90% of the disaster work is due to floods. On PB's website, you can see the states where there are active declarations. Even though considerable time has passed in some of these states, it can take a while before an area becomes "inactive".
We're watching the show, "Lie to Me" interesting show about body language and the art of telling whether someone is lying or not. It's a great show ! Hope you had a great day and have an even better one tomorrow.

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