Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Update

Linda got a call this morning, from her brother Roy, that her older brother Bob had a heart attack this morning. We haven't done much during the day...drove to the post office to check for mail but nothing yet. Called to check on a tracking number and found out that our mail service had forgotten to mail it out but will send it right out today. The most recent news, on Linda's (Linda B)brother is that his one artery was completely blocked, they put two stints in and he is OK. He was out walking this morning when it happened. Good thing he had his cell phone with him so that he could summon help.

In other news I'm working on another web site that deals with health, whether it be physical, psychological or spiritual. It will have some neat interactive things on it for hands-on learning and links to other sites and resources with good tips on healthy living. Will continue work on it over the weekend and maybe it will be ready to go early next week.

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