Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elberta German Sausage Festival

While Linda was over doing laundry this morning, one of the ladies in the park told her about the German Sausage Festival going on today in nearby Elberta. Sounded like a good time so we got on the motorcycle and headed out for the festival. This is a fundraising event for the local fire department. They make the sausages locally and then they cook them off over these hot coals. It must be a very popular event as there was a huge crowd of people there lined up to buy them. I can't attest to how good they might be since we didn't eat them but we did have an awesome apple dumpling. A flaky crust, wrapped around a hot juicy apple, cinnamon sauce and vanilla ice cream on top. Yum !!

There were alot of different craft and food vendors there. This was kind of interesting. This guy used an antique engine for this grist mill. If you look under the silver colored chute, there are grits and corn meal coming out. Each drop from a different area of the chute.

There was also entertainment.....two different locations where there were bands playing. We really liked these guys. Look at the one guy playing the stringed toilet seat. They played some zydeco and old time music that was a lot of fun to listen to. What a fun event this was ! The rain quit just in time for them to have a beautiful day. The area was pretty soggy from all the rain we've had so they had lots of straw down on the ground to cover the puddles but it was still really soupy. It didn't dampen people's spirits though.

On the way home Linda took pics of some of the flooding. We actually had to drive through water that was running over the road at one point. I ordinarily wouldn't do this (especially on motorcyle), since you can't see the road surface but I was right behind another car and could follow him through to know that the road was not washed out. Had to pull my legs up to keep from getting soaked but it was kinda fun. It wasn't that deep....

Tomorrow we'll start packing up stuff to leave on Monday. There was a good breeze blowing today so it dried the ground out a bit around our rig but we still need to take up the patio mat...get it dry and pack it away. Supposed to be chilly overnight tonight....down to 45 degrees. That is really unusual as it's typically in the 50's or low 60's overnight. Will warm up though during the day so we can accomplish what we need to before heading out Monday morning for our site in Baton Rouge.

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