Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Here...

Well, we're gonna be here another day in Ocala. Mor-Ryde sent the wrong bushings. Sent ones for 7000# axles instead of the ones we need...8000# axles. Guys have to put the rig back together so we can push it outside and stay in it again tonight. We're concerned that these parts have worn after only about 10,000 miles on them and Kevin, from the Tampa Spring Co., here said to expect it on an ongoing basis. The problem he said is no one stocks Mor-Ryde parts so we're going to have this type of wait every time we need to replace something on the suspension. He said the best type of suspension, for ease of maintenance and easy availability of parts, is a spring type suspension. Parts are inexpensive, quick to repair and you can get the parts anywhere we travel. We told him about our concern, with having the bike on the back, for a smooth steady ride and not bouncing everything around inside the rig. He said he has RV'ers that come in with spring suspensions and they get that type of ride. So...lesson learned. Not sure I would go with Mor-Ryde again...Like the old saying says " The more gadgets you have...the more can go wrong."

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