Saturday, March 21, 2009

Throw Momma from the .....

Our computer has been on the fritz for the last few weeks and really decided to be unruly yesterday so consequently no post since Thursday.
Yesterday we went out and about and did some errands. While at the local Dollar General to buy some Dove knock-off soap (just kidding) Linda bought Boomer a new baby. Boomer's old baby was a small rhinoceros that he disemboweled probably a good year ago and he's been carrying around the "shell" of it gently in his mouth....tossing this lifeless carcass in the air only to have it drift down to the floor without much fanfare. Now he has a little teddy bear (a leftover from Valentine's Day that he's already ripped the "I Love You" heart off of) that he can toss, carry around and rest his chin on. Awwww.....

Today we went to the train museum in Foley where they have a miniature train display. They are open on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10-2. What a great place ! They have a large room set up with multiple train tracks (I counted at least 8)and all types of automated things going on in the display. They put on a show for about 20-25 minutes where they showed off the automation. In the little miniature fire house, you could see the firemen through the window slide down the fire pole...the door go up and the fire truck drive out to the burning building in the next block. Really cute. There was so much detail to this display. All of the items were donated to the city and once they had all the items, it took them 14 months to assemble the whole display. They continually add new pieces....billboards that light up...a grain elevator representing the mid west, a miniature Breyers ice cream sign that lights up, etc. It is free and you can tell that the men who take care of the display have alot of fun in maintaining it and showing it off for young and old alike.

When we left the train museum we headed out Rt. 98 to find the cheese shop we'd been told about. What a popular place this is ! A small home-made sign, on Rt 98, points you down a side road to the lane where Sweet Home Farm sits. You can see the cows grazing in the field and apparently they use their milk to produce an amazing line of cheeses. The selling takes place in a building about the size of a milkhouse. The parking lot was tiny and since we were driving Bertha, we drove in and back out again and parked near the road. People were lined out the door of the selling area (shed/milkhouse). We squeezed in to get a glimpse of what was inside but it was too crowded for me and I left to go look at this guy. From what I could see, through the sea of bodies, they had uniquely flavored cheeses like garlic, onion, etc. They are only open on Fridays and Saturdays and from the size of the crowd, they have quite a business.

We drove back into town and had lunch at Firehouse, grabbed some groceries from Wal Mart and headed home. Oh yeah, here's another sight from our day out....the low tech version of Alabama AC... Sure hope he's got seat belts if Momma's gonna ride in that thing.

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