Monday, March 2, 2009

Tampa Spring Company

We didn't plan on spending more than a few hours here getting work done on our rig but....that's not how it worked out. We came up Sunday on the bike and Linda driving the rig. I rode the bike separately because we had started to take the pins out, of the motorcycle lift, and didn't want to risk having the bike on there while we drove. Since the temps were supposed to be really chilly this morning we felt it better to drive the 38 miles in warmer weather so I wouldn't turn into a popsicle. Good thing...there was frost on the seat of the bike this morning when we got up.
Anyway, we came here to have an alignment done on the rig because the tires have been wearing odd on the passenger side of the rig. We also needed them to put in the new pins on the motorcycle lift. They finished up the lift...took a bit of muscle to get the old pins out so it didn't make us feel like big weenies when I saw how hard a time they had.
When it came to our problem with the tires, they found that the bushings, on the Mor-Ryde suspension, needed to be replaced. It was creating too much play in the wheels and they think is the reason for the weird wear pattern. Mor-Ryde has a 5 year warranty on the parts...1 year on labor. When I called Mor-Ryde and had Kevin talk to them they said they were willing to send new bushings if we went and had each individual tire, on the rig, weighed to see if we were overweight. The guys, at Tampa Spring Co. didn't know where we could get something like this done. They said there was a platform scale close but not one to do each tire separately. To expedite getting the parts ($125 worth), we told them to get the parts together and overnight them to us and we'd figure out who's nickle would pay for them. Once they finished up working on the lift, Linda and I took the rig 6 miles up the road to a CAT scale and got each AXLE weighed (Mor-Ryde agreed that they would settle for this method). The total weight, for both axles, came in at exactly 13,000#. When Kevin checked our tag, on the rig, he said we were way under where we could be and everything was fine. He called Mor-Ryde and they are sending the parts at no cost (we have to pay for the overnight shipping charges). We're camped here again till the parts come in tomorrow.
The guys here, at Tampa Spring Co., are great and really know their stuff. Since 1927 they have specialized in spring and suspension work on all types of vehicles especially large tractor trailer trucks. Soon they will expand to include more services that will benefit RV'ers. They will be getting into oil changes, etc. which I think will be a great service for all the RV'ers coming to and passing through Florida. I know we will certainly put them on our route for getting routine or emergency work done when we come this way. Click on the title of this post to go to their web site and see all of the services they currently offer. Call Kevin or Joey for your RV needs.
Tomorrow they will install the new bushings and then do the alignment. Once they finish up we can get on the road to Alabama. Not sure whether we'll have time to stop and see Linda's nephew or not. We'll have to see what time we get out of here.

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