Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Orleans

As I left off in the last post, Linda was waiting to hear if we need to depart for Louisiana for an earlier start to her job. Turns out the woman, at the hospital, whom Linda's rep was leaving voicemails for all day....had left work at 1:00 on Friday. It wasn't until she asked to speak with that woman's supervisor that they found this out and no decision can be made without this woman's say so. So, we will stay here until her April orientation or if something else is worked out for an earlier start. Bummer !

Linda returned from her trip to New Orleans about 6:30 on Friday evening. All went smoothly (and rather quickly) on getting her temporary nursing license so then off Linda, Colette and Jim went to explore New Orleans. Was a tad tricky finding a parking spot for Bertha...she's bigger than your average breadbox ! Once they finally found a place, then they took Jim's TomTom in hand and made their way to Coop's Place for lunch.

A favorite place with the locals, they feasted on shrimp po-boys, gumbo and fresh cut fries. For dessert they went to Cafe Du Monde and had beignets...

It was interesting for Linda to be in New Orleans and see what changes Katrina created. She and I were there one month before Katrina hit and spent a great deal of time walking around the city so when images of various area landmarks came on the TV, during the disaster, we would say..."We were just there". There is still alot of clean-up needed and it's sad to say that after so much time has passed. Like in this picture, there are still piles of debris in some neighborhoods.

She saw vacant lots, where all that remained were concrete pads....houses with boarded up windows and houses with the roofs still missing. Hospitals with chain link fence around them....closed up and abandoned. A city that has a long way to go to get anywhere close to what it once was.
Even though some of the city was depressing, overall she had a great time with Jim and Colette in New Orleans...laughing and sharing good times and great food. Makes for a fun day when you have friends along to lighten the day.

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