Monday, March 9, 2009

A Day for Errands....

Today Linda and I needed to go out and run some errands. Went to the post office and then met the gang at Firehouse Subs for lunch. Great food and neat atmosphere.

Since Jim is a retired fireman, he felt right at home.

After lunch we all went to Billy's Seafood, just down the road a ways. Fresh seafood that they catch daily and sell in their shack by the water.

They had XXJumbo shrimp, still with the heads on that were REALLY huge. They had red shrimp that I'd never seen before. There were about 6 different sizes of shrimp, scallops, alligator meat, many different types of fish, crab meat, etc. Linda and I got some "Ling" fish, which the guy said is really mild tasting and we also got 2# of shrimp (the size in-between gigundo and teeny weenie). Our friends Jim and Bobbie told us that the best way to freeze shrimp is to get a "sucker machine", from Wal-Mart so our next stop was to go to Wally World and get this magical device so that these magnificent specimens of seafood don't get freezer burnt before we can devour them. This handy machine is made by Reynolds and runs less than $8 at Wally World. Linda came home and packaged the shrimp up into meal size packages. You know you're in a real fish store when you walk in the door and the smell of fresh fish is so overpowering it takes your breath away...Whew ! Funny though...after just a few minutes I could finally breathe. Can't wait to try the fish and shrimp. Didn't have any for supper tonight. When we stopped at Wal-Mart we also bought a loaf of crusty French bread and we've eaten about half of the loaf since we got home so didn't have much of a supper.

While we were out we also got our empty propane tank filled...ran almost $21 for the 30# tank...Was $15 in Florida so a bit higher here. Nice though that the night time temps here have been in the 50's so we haven't had to run the furnace at all like we did in Florida. I'll take higher prices and not running the furnace over cold nights and cheap propane.

So that was our first trip to town since arriving here. Not much on tap for tomorrow. Probably just touch base with our friends before they head out on Wednesday. Will be our last chance to see them for who knows how long. They will be missed !

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Cindy P said...

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy your fresh shrimp. Couldn't resist telling you that since moving to NC we learned from a native to freeze shrimp by putting them in a container and covering them with water, freezing them in a block. They take quite a while to thaw but always come out as fresh as the day we froze them.

We also have a vacuum packager and use it a lot for other things. I'm sure you will use yours too.