Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Day in Daytona...

We left for Daytona about 8:30 this morning. Had a nice ride there....took us about 2.25 hours. Once you get close to Daytona, you are sucked into the massive throng of bikers trekking towards the event. We wound up at Daytona Speedway where there were all types of vendor displays, bike manufacturers and food vendors. We walked around and looked at the displays. Here are some pics of some of the bikes on display.

Here is the Boss Hoss bike...a V-8 monster with loads of power.

"Got $100,000 laying around you don't know what to do with ?"

While some of these bikes are pretty to look at, they don't look very comfortable to ride.

The really neat part of the day was when we went to check out the race track. As we walked through the tunnel, into the infield, I could hear the Yiiiiing Yiiiing sound of what sounded like something going really fast. Once through the tunnel we got to see the track and turns out there was a motorcycle race going on. Wow....was it neat to watch the motorcycles going through turn 4 with its steep banking. It was so steep and they were flying around there....pretty much perpendicular to the race track.
If you click on any of these pictures, they will enlarge so you can see them better.

There were some funky looking bikes there that are trikes. Trikes are very popular down here with lots of senior bikers although I haven't seen either of these around here.

It's been neat to see the explosion of interest in trikes since I bought mine in '95. I loved my trike and boy did it turn peoples heads when I pulled into a parking lot or rest stop. Always created lots of questions and hard to get away from the crowd it would draw. I didn't see any today like the one I used to have but many that were real head turners.

Here I am on the day I went to pick up "Tess" from the shop where she was made. What a blast it was to ride ! Very fast and lots of fun to watch the little kids hang out of car windows to look at it go by. Had her for seven we ride on two wheels instead of three. Had a great day at home and started to get things together to leave tomorrow.

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