Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was surprised to realize that I had 199 posts up until now. Wow, where has the time gone ? In some ways it seems like we've been full-timing for much longer than we have been and then in other ways it seems like a relatively new experience for us.

We arrived here in Baton Rouge on Monday afternoon and was 78 degrees today. My mom, back in PA, whom I talked to on Monday afternoon said it was a whopping 32 degrees there and she is ready for some springtime temps. Linda and I certainly do not miss the cold or snowy weather. We do miss our friends and family but with cell phones and the internet, it closes the gap on the distance between us. Speaking of technology, my posting may be a little erratic for a while. Our computer is acting up again and at times you can't even see the font on the screen due to the distortion. Not sure what the problem is...tonight the "s" key wants to hang up and add way more letters than there should be.

The part of Baton Rouge that we are in is a little creepy. We are on the east side of the city and it appears that this side of town has seen better days. We did find that there is a Sonny's BBQ just 1.2 miles down the road from us...had lunch there today. Linda found out, while dining at Sonny's, that you can carry a firearm in Louisiana and not have to conceal it. Learned this from the guy with the pistol hanging from his belt having the "all you can eat chicken special". Made me eat my catfish lunch a little faster than normal....he says it's a deterrent to crime. Hmmm....I know I'm not gonna snatch any chicken off his table.

Linda started work tonight.....3-11 shift at nursing home about 40 minutes from us. She called at 11:30 and wasn't done yet...might be a short (sleeping)night for her. Doesn't sound like the other employees were very cooperative. The next two days she works at two other facilities. She likes variety....we'll see how it goes.

Well guess that is all for now...gonna catch up on other web stuff while the computer behaves.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad to see you are settled in Baton Rouge. Any idea how long there? Linda S. any assignments yet? Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Cindy says: Glad you made it there and hope things will look up. Positive Mental Attitude :) Cindy, Mike and Biscuit