Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Site is up....

The new website is up....This site combines our interest in the physical, mental and spiritual side of the total being. My goal is to provide resources and information on a variety of things related to these areas.

One of the topics featured on this site is on reiki. I first learned of reiki many years ago when I took my kids to an Open House that was being held at the college where I used to work. We went to the Health Sciences building and were looking around at the various exhibits. They were starting a workshop in one of the rooms on reiki.....something I knew nothing about.

Mind you that on this day, I was having a horrible case of bursitis in my shoulder. I couldn't lift my arm up away from body without a great deal of pain in my shoulder. I had suffered from this, off and on, during my ten years in the baking profession.....from kneading and pounding on dough but I don't remember what caused the flare up on this particular day.

We sat down in the room and listened to what the woman was saying about reiki.....none of which I remember. She asked for someone to demonstrate on and I volunteered. I laid down on a table but didn't tell her anything about my shoulder being incredibly sore. She placed her hands above my shoulder area and left them there for a short while. When she finished, I sat up and got off the table. When I tried to move my sore arm I did so as if there had never been anything wrong with it at all. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't felt anything miraculously different while she had her hands nothing. But when I moved it around; something I hadn't been able to do at all that day, it moved freely and effortlessly. I became a believer and decided I needed to learn more.

Since then I've taken a reiki class myself and ironically enough the instructor was the same woman who had held the workshop many years earlier. Strange, huh ? I've used reiki on myself and on Linda for a variety of ailments. I'm not a reiki master....that takes multiple levels of training but reiki is something that is very interesting to learn about and can have a profound impact on healing. If you'd like to learn more about topics such as this, check out the new site

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