Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue Angels

Vicki and Bob came over and picked us up and we left around 7:00 this morning to drive to Pensacola so we could watch the Blue Angels practice session. Was still foggy as we crossed this bridge and the sun was trying to break through the fog.

Today wasn't a true practice for the team. Since the team just returned to Florida, today was a chance for them to do "spotting"....get the lay of the land and get visual landmarks to aid them when they do their maneuvers. There were only four planes up today. Usually there are six planes in formation.

Three of the four pilots today are new members of the Blue Angels. Next week they will begin their regular acrobatic practices with all six team members. We're coming back next Wednesday to watch them. The viewing area is held behind the National Naval Aviation Museum. A lot of people came out today to watch.
After the practice session the pilots went into the museum to sign autographs.
Here the commander of the team is getting ready to sign my program. Vicki asked him if his mother knew what he was doing since he appears so young. He said he's been flying for 19 years and she still doesn't like him doing it.
On our way back to the field to watch them resume flying, Vicki spied a camera crew from the local TV station off to the side and went up to them and asked if they needed to interview people for what they were doing. He said "Sure" and proceeded to set up, with his cameraman, and asked Vicki and Bob a bunch of questions while filming it. (It made it onto the news...She's a Star !)

After the autograph session we went back out to watch the pilots do solo flights. After watching that for a little while we decided to leave and go get some lunch. Went to Sonny's and had a wonderful lunch. I loved EVERYTHING that was on my plate...catfish, cole slaw,baked sweet potato and the cornbread was out of this world !

Started back to Summerdale and decided that we needed ice cream, after seeing a sign on the highway for "Scoops", to cap off a wonderful day. Found it in downtown Summerdale...

What a cute little place ! Done in an old time theme of neon, checked floors, red stools and the rear bumper of an old car on the wall, it makes for a nice stop to grab a sundae, ice cream cone or even a burger.
As we left Scoops, we noticed this young man in a nearby parking lot doing wheelies on his motorcycle. We weren't sure if he was practicing for a stunt show or just goofing around but we pulled in and watched him until the chain came off his bike and he was out of commission. What a full day and such fun. We can't wait to go back next week to get the full affects of the Blue Angels show as they do their aerial acrobatics. Will post more pictures next week....

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Jim and Bobbie said...

We remember Bob and Vicki now that we saw their photo. Vicki worked with Jim a lot in Receiving. Weather wonderful here sunny and in the 80s.
Bobbie and Jim