Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fort Morgan, Alabama

Today Linda and I took the motorcycle to Fort Morgan, which is down near Gulf Shores....way out on the tip of the coast. As a coastal fort it was designed to control the main ship channel into Mobile Bay. With its star shape it could put a heavy concentration of artillery fire on an enemy fleet as it approached. There are only a few structures that remain of the 100 structures that existed in its heyday. Construction on the fort began in 1819 and it was completed 15 years later. The fort was even used during WWII but after that was deactivated in 1946.

It was a gorgeous ride out to the Fort, which is 37 miles from our campground. The temps were in the 70's today...blue skies and a light breeze. Since the fort is located on the coast, we walked down to the beach after we toured the fort. This is not a public beach so no groomed white sand....actually there are still washed remnants of recent hurricanes on the beach. As you look off the coast, there are lots and lots of oil platforms as far as you can see.Standing on top of the fort I counted at least 20 platforms that I could see. I wonder how many of them are operational since I know some of them were impacted by the last coastal storm to come through here.
When we left the fort, we headed back towards Summerdale and stopped at the Coleman camping Outlet, The Old Town Pottery store and the Gulf Shore tool store. Had fun looking at gadgets and gizmos in all the different stores we went in. Got home around 5 p.m....
Tomorrow our friends leave so we got to spend a little time with them this evening before they pull out in the morning. We wish them safe and wondrous adventures ahead !!

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