Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leaving soon....

Well, guess who had a tummy ache today and didn't feel well ? Yep, Schroeder. Something about my jelly filled confection that didn't set well with him as he was sick first thing this morning and has been sleeping and lounging around most of the day. Linda even gave him a pillow to lay on and covered him up with a blankie....(you know she feels sorry for him if she does that)

In the meantime, it's been raining off and on all day. Last night we were under a tornado watch and the same goes for on till 1 a.m. Rained really hard overnight and the boys were wigged out. Looked like a swamp around here until the rain stopped and the ground could soak it all up. Linda is over at the activity center tonight playing bingo. Will be her last chance to play before we leave.

At this point we are planning on leaving here on Monday for Baton Rouge. Linda is scheduled for an orientation on April 1 at one facility and another facility the next day. We need to get things put away outside and it's supposed to rain till Saturday. Sunday is supposed to be nice so we'll use that day to get ready to hit the road. Is only about a 4 hour drive to Baton Rouge so that will be nice....leave here Monday morning, get there mid-day and have time to set up.

We've been keeping an eye on the news about the Red River flooding to get a sense of whether it might be declared a disaster, should there be widespread flooding. If it is declared, will be interesting to see if I get put on standby to be deployed. Am hoping that I will be. Just hope the timing is such that we've gotten settled in at Baton Rouge. I will keep you posted....

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