Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slippery Revelations

A local news channel reported a story that had both of us shocked. They went to different dollar stores and purchased all the different types of soap that they could find and then took them to a lab for testing. When you think of soap you think of something that is sanitary and a way to rid yourself of germs. That isn't what they discovered.

When they tested the Dove knockoff bar they found it was loaded with bacteria. Tests showed that instead of washing off the germs, the soap loaded hand washers up with germs. Most of the colonies were ordinary skin bacteria, but a few of the bacteria showed they could cause diseases like staph infections. The results shocked scientists. Scientists say they were expecting to see one or two colonies from a sample and from the brand tested they found thousands.

The problem is an ingredient called Sodium Tallowate, which is a common name for cow or pig fat. If the component is not processed in a completely sterile environment, the results can be both disgusting and dangerous. Doctors say the best way to make sure the soap you are using is safe, is to buy an American brand of liquid soap that uses a pump. What an eye opener this story was !

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