Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday and today we've been busy with doing a couple of much needed tasks around the RV. Yesterday I scrubbed the roof of the the rig. Man, was it nasty ! Remind me again why we want to be under trees ? Don't like sap, leaf stains, twigs and gunk from being under the trees. And with all the wind we get around here from these storms, it knocks all kinds of crap out of the trees and onto OUR roof. The rig next to ours, which isn't under a tree, has a pearly white in point.

Linda was scheduled off today so we figured we'd shampoo the carpets since that is something we've wanted to get done for a while now. There is a Big Lots store just down the street from us and we noticed the other day that they carry the rental rug shampooers that we like so we went there this morning and signed one out. Took about 2 hours but round about 12:30 Linda got a call from her agency asking her if she could work tonight. Since she works 6 a.m.- 6 p.m.tomorrow we needed to get the machine back before she left for work at 2.... so we hurried up and finished. Got it done, looks great and is a relief to cross that off the "to do" list.

Yesterday Linda needed to drive out to Plaquemine to the one nursing home where she works. Plaquemine is about 30 miles from here so we got to cross the river and see all the tugboats in action, pushing the barges around on the river. Here you can also see the LSU stadium in the background. It is very busy around the Baton Rouge port area. The town of Plaquemine is a small, nondescript town but there was this beautiful park on the edge of town. Pretty pavilions and a boardwalk type of area around a stream...very cute ! It was a nice ride out there and gave me a chance to see one of the places where Linda has been working. The nursing home sits right in the middle of a residential area and is a single story building that sort of blends in with all the other buildings around it.
Tonight I'm just relaxing...hoping there is something decent on TV other than re-runs to watch. I looked at the weather radar a short time ago and out of nowhere some storms have started popping up along the LA coast and look like they might be headed this way. I went out and put the awning in just in case. Weather has been really nice, temperature wise....unlike some friends of ours in Colorado who are getting snow (Bobbie and can keep it - yuck !). Hope everyone has a great weekend !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Thanks for the "shout out" but we still have snow today and more expected tomorrow. Suppose to drive to Pueblo and stay a week, but not if it snows. Bobbie