Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catching Up...

Our computer is once again acting up so consequently I haven't posted recently. Right at this moment it is behaving so I figured I'd get a quick post on here.

Weather is great this week. In the high 70's to low 80's. Linda's work seems to be thinning out a little. The one place she had been working at quite a bit has now hired more nurses so she has had two cancellations of shifts this week. Today was one of those days so we ran out to Lowes and at 1:30 her agency called and needed her at a new location so we hurried back as it will take her 45 min. to get there. She is still waiting to here on the job in Virginia that she applied for. It's a govt. job and they hope to submit her paperwork, along with two others by Friday and then it will take about another week to hear anything back on it. So that one is still on hold....She got a call from her other agency, wanting her to go to Alaska for a travel nursing assignment. While this might sound ideal, this town has no roads in or out so would have to fly in...work for 13 weeks...go to work by taxi and there's still snow on the ground there. Is in the town of Bethel...which is near Bering Strait....the summer high would probably be around 60. Everything you need to buy (groceries included) would need to be ordered in and are very expensive. So after working the numbers, she decided to pass on that job. Although I could go I would probably not be able to find work there due to small size and the cost would outweigh the benefits and then we'd have to figure out something with the rig and dogs. While we would like to go to Alaska at some point (perhaps to work) this isn't the time or place to do that.

In other news we did get to try crawfish....everyone has been telling us to make sure we try it before we leave LA. Bought a package of it that was already cooked, deveined, etc. and made stuffed portabella mushroom caps out of it. Was amazing !! Diced some onion, mushroom stem, fresh garlic and sauteed...added some wine and then the crawfish to warm through. Few breadcrumbs to absorb the liquid and put on top of the caps which I had cooked slightly in a pan....Packed the mushrooms with the filling and topped with parmesan cheese. It was yummy !! The crawfish remind me of langostinos...would probably have been a little sweeter if they had been fresh but we figured it was a safe way to try them to see if we liked them. Not sure I'd have the patience to pluck and dig that little bit of meat out of them but we can say we've had them.

On the FEMA/disaster side of things....PB is on stand-by (although I haven't had a call) for four states now. Florida, Georgia,Indiana and Alabama are the states for stand-by. FEMA has required even more "stuff" for inspectors....extensive background check,etc. Not sure if that will slow down getting people ready to deploy (like me)or not. We'll see what happens.

Guess that is the latest scoop....computer starting to get jittery..more later..

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