Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For The Children....

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was passed on July 25, 2006—20 years after Adam Walsh's abduction. The act established a National Sex Offender Registry law, but recent news reports reveal most states will not be in compliance with the law by the upcoming July 2009 deadline. If senators and state representatives don't comply with and fully fund the act, it will expire.

This is critical legislation for the health and safety of children everywhere. I know you will act, as I have, to contact our legislative representatives to stress the importance of funding this legislation. Oprah's web site has created an easy way to respond to your representatives. Clicking HERE will take you to a sample letter that you can cut and paste or you can write your own letter. There are also links to find your senators and house representative so that you can send them a letter. It only takes a couple of minutes...she has made it so easy. Please take the time to act on this.....our children are counting on us!

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