Saturday, April 4, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Linda was off yesterday and today so it was nice to be able to get out of the house and explore the area a bit. She was supposed to work yesterday evening but the nursing agency called just as she got dressed for work and told her she wouldn't be needed. So today we went to a Sam's Club we had seen the other day on the way to the vet. Picked up a few things. Then we took the boys in search of a doggie park that the park manager told us about. We didn't find the park but found a fenced in ball field where the boys could run and play. Boomer's bandage, on his foot, didn't slow him down at all. They had a great time.

A few days ago I started calling some campgrounds, on the east coast, that had advertised Workamper positions. It is not appearing that Linda's assignments here will consistently bring her full-time hours each week and we aren't really crazy about the area. It is far nicer in areas within just a short driving distance from here but she is having to drive up to an hour to many of her assignments and when you work a 12 hour shift, the extra hour on each end of that day makes for a really long day. Today we got a call from a camp ground in North Carolina, offering us a position. We have not made a commitment until I have a chance to check with one other place. By next week I'll know which one we'll be going to. It will mean leaving here as soon as Linda finishes on the 29th (she has that day scheduled to work at one of the facilities).

In local news, a rare pink dolphin has been spotted off the Louisiana coast. They had pictures on the local TV was really something. Apparently it's an albino dolphin with strange pigmentation that gives it the pink coloring.

Weather was great today but a cold front is coming in that will only put daytime temps in the 60's and overnight temps in the 40's. That is about 20 degrees lower than what it has been running here. So far the humidity hasn't been's actually been very enjoyable. Gonna work on cleaning the rig tomorrow while the NASCAR race is on. Linda has to work 6 a.m - 6 p.m. and has that long drive to boot.

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