Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

It was a beautiful day so we took the boys to the ballfield to get some exercise.

"Waiter...there's a ball in my soup"

Weather was beautiful after having two days in the 60' back into the low 70's today. Bright and sunny with low humidity...The boys ran and ran till their tongues were hanging out. We took the chuck-it..ball thrower..for Boomer. Schroeder could care less about chasing a ball. His thing is to nip your heels as you're walking, trying to herd you somewhere.

When the boys would get hot and tired they'd head for the only patches of shade to be the shadow of the scoreboard or in the dugout. Their momma didn't raise no fool...

Linda had to work 3-11 yesterday, today and will tomorrow too. We were hoping to go to Avery Island to tour the Tabasco plant but they don't bottle on Fridays (her day off) so we'll wait till another day. Will have to search out other touristy options for Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun at Avery, stock up on some hot stuff and don't miss the Egrets.