Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Other Side of Town..

Linda had today off from work so we went for a ride and took the dogs with us. She wanted to show me a couple of places that she drives by when she works on the west side of town. We went to a farmer's market type of place and saw lots of fresh mustard greens, sweet potatoes and a variety of other veggies. We had to cross this bridge that has a railroad track running right through the middle of it. It's the oddest arrangement. From there we drove to the west side of Baton Rouge to a little restaurant where Linda always sees so many cars in the parking lot. For some reason they were closed...although the sign on the door said they should have been open at 12:30 on a Saturday. From there we drove back towards home and I suggested that we grab some lunch from a fast food place that originated in Baton Rouge. Now typically we are vegetarians but sometimes in the interest of "food research" I deviate and want to check out something that someone has suggested to us. This place touts fresh chicken fingers (never frozen) and served with alot of I punch up the address on the GPS and as luck would have it we were just a short distance from one of the locations. We follow the directions and were pleasantly taken past Lakeshore Drive to an area near LSU...There was a tiny little parking lot outside of "Cane's" so Linda stayed with the truck while I ran in and got some food. I got the "Caniac combo"...6 fingers, 2 things of a unique dipping sauce,coleslaw, bread, krinkle cut fries and a drink. We drove back towards the water we had seen and found a cute park where we could have a picnic. It was wonderful ! A great breeze was blowing to break the humidity from the 85 degree day and there were kids and dogs playing on the little beach in front of the truck...the food was really tasty too. The chicken fingers were very moist and there was a great coating on them that made them crunchy. After lunch we decided to let Boomer go for a swim since it's been so long since he's had the opportunity. Oh my, he had so much fun ! We hooked him to a long lead and then I held on to him as he dove into the water...chased the ducks and just had a grand ole time. Doesn't he look so happy ? Was good to see him playing. Schroeder on the other hand always runs the opposite direction of water....when Boomer got all frisky and wanted to come out of the water and play with him, Schroeder would have none of that. It was so much fun to get out and enjoy the outdoors plus we got to see some gorgeous houses along the water. I was beginning to think that there weren't any in Baton so tired of looking at slums and run down areas but it seems that right around the university that there are some really nice areas. Not sure how big a perimeter that encompasses but at least we saw SOME nice ones before returning to the other side of town. We did see another RV park that was way worse than this one....I told Linda to remind me the next time I start bellyaching about how bad this one is to remind me of that one....might cheer me up.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh I laughed so hard to read about eating chicken for the sake of "food research"!!! Great line.