Friday, April 10, 2009


Today it was 83 degrees and quite humid....the first day where we ran the air conditioning pretty much all day. It's only now, at 8:30 p.m., that we could open the windows and it's cool enough to let the night air in.

For supper we defrosted some of the gulf coast shrimp that we had purchased with our friends, down in Bon Secor, Alabama at Billy's Seafood and cooked it for supper. We had some chipotle shrimp in the freezer so we combined the two and put it over some noodles. It was yumlicious !!

Went back to the ball field today and let the boys run. They weren't quite as anxious to run as long since it was so warm outside. Yesterday when we got to the intersection, right near the ball field, Linda thought there was an unusual amount of smoke coming from the exhaust of the TigerBait Grille (a restaurant right there on the corner). We proceeded to the ballpark and it was only a few minutes later that we heard the sirens and realized that the restaurant had been on fire and the fire companies were responding to it. When we came back by there, after leaving the park, there were a lot of fire trucks all over the place but the building seemed to be intact. Today it looked like business as usual as there were cars parked outside and they appeared to be open for business. It's good that it wasn't as bad as it appeared yesterday.

We are so happy for friends of ours who hope to RV full-time as soon as both have retired. They put their house on the market and in one day had gotten an acceptable offer on it. They have been working, step by step, on getting to the point where they could retire, sell the house and get their RV. Step by step they are making their dreams come true. We met these gals while at the Life on Wheels workshop, in Allentown some years ago and have been good friends ever since. We make our paths cross as we travel throughout the country. We wish them as much success finding their perfect RV as they've had so far with every other phase of the process.

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