Thursday, April 2, 2009

Since last time...

Linda has been picking up shifts since we arrived here Monday...each day at a different facility. Yesterday we had to take Boomer to the vet. Somehow he tore his toenail, on his back paw, and it gets to bleeding and is a mess. Linda got the name of a vet clinic from her agency so we headed there yesterday morning. We wanted to get him in before Linda had to be to work at 1:00. Was only a little ways from here and when we arrived, the waiting room was pretty full. Waited an hour and then we got in. Boy, did the vet and her helper get a workout with Boomer. We aren't able to trim his nails because he fights like crazy. Well, when the vet went to work on his foot, it elicited the same reaction from him. They gave him a mild sedative but it didn't faze him. The assistant got him in a stronghold and held him down. Got him all fixed up and took him home. As a result of all of his fighting, he was extremely fatigued and spent the afternoon sleeping. Today he seems to be pretty much back to normal. His bandage will stay on a couple days and then we'll take it off. So far he's left it alone and hasn't chewed on it.

Weather was a little wild today. Had a tornado warning at lunchtime which created a nice wind storm that brought down little branches here in the park. I was running back and forth doing laundry at the time so I had to watch for opportune times in between sheets of rain. Eventually it all passed but not without doing damage around the Baton Rouge area. Wonder if this is typical springtime weather for around here....I tend to think that may be the case.

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