Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be Lean and Green

Happy Earth Day !

Why Reducing Your Carbon Footprint is Important

What exactly is a carbon footprint? Every human being impacts the environment through simple practices that you may or may not realize are harmful. Though the effects themselves may seem minute or insignificant, the cumulative effects of wasteful habits add up to a significant factor in global warming.

Ten Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

1. Change at least three light bulbs in your home with Energy Star® approved bulbs. Help the environment by reducing your energy consumption by as much as 90 percent, which in turn helps reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and carbon emissions. It doesn't hurt that it saves money on your energy bill as well.
2. Properly insulate and weatherize the interior and exterior of your home.
3. Walk, ride a bike or use public transportation whenever possible.
4. Buy renewable energy.
5. Reuse containers, paper and other conservable items, and participate in your local recycling program. Consider donating unwanted items to local agencies rather than adding to your local landfill.
6. Purchase Energy Star® appliances. Efficient appliances will help conserve both water and electricity in your home.
7. Start a paper recycling program at work.
8. Before purchasing a vehicle, research emission standards and gas mileage. The number of clean and fuel-efficient vehicles currently available is growing by leaps and bounds.
9. Hang your clothes to dry rather than using your dryer.
10. Educate others about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, and try to encourage friends, co-workers, family and students to adopt a few green practices. One person telling a few friends and family members could spread the power of green like wildfire.

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