Friday, April 24, 2009

Pork At Its' Best...

Did you guys see the ABC news last night and the story about the airport John Murtha got government funding for in Johnstown, PA ? Here's an excerpt:

"The John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport has an impressive $18 million runway made of reinforced concrete that's big enough to land any airplane in North America. The airport also has a $7 million air traffic control tower, a $14 million hanger and $8 million radar. Most of the time, the only thing the airport doesn't have is airplanes."

Only three flights (no, you read it numerals are missing from that number) a day go out of there and guess where they all go....Washington. Hmmm, wonder who that benefits ? Twenty passengers on average use this high tech, beautiful facility each DAY. Isn't that ludicrous ? Our tax money at work...And the great thing is there are more stimulus funds set aside ($800,000 dollars to be exact) to pave an alternate runway. What a joke...they barely use the main one and they want to spend more money to pave an alternate one. In addition to all of this, the cost of every ticket out of there is subsidized by the govt with even MORE tax payer dollars. $100 per airline ticket.....

I always thought of John Murtha as a pompous blow hard....this absurd use of U.S. tax dollars for a Pennsylvania project makes me embarrassed to admit that I'm a "Pennsylvanian" by birth. Another fine example of poor representation in Washington by a sitting house member who isn't in touch with our country's financial concerns but is only looking to get his face on the bronze plaque near the door. He needs to be shown to the door.

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