Saturday, April 11, 2009

News and Car Salesmen

One of the most annoying things around here is the frequency of news broadcasts and the TV ads. Seems like there is local news on TV here every couple of hours....and it's not fresh news but the same stories rehashed each time. Never been in a region where they've had SO MUCH news.
Seems like all the car lot owners think that the way to sell cars is to yell while doing their ads and to also call all of us watching...."dahling"...I guess they think that southern charm is a great gimmick to sell cars but it is annoying as hell. Yelling, waving their arms and calling us "dahling" ...they'd be the last car dealer on earth I'd buy from if I was in the market for a car. And they run their ads in between all the times when the news is on (and that is constantly) so it makes for a really great TV viewing experience. Oh great,here's one on TV now. Let me throw my shoe at him!

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