Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Headin’ East…

P8310010 We leave South Fork in the morning to start making our way east to our next assignment. We start our next job in Greenwood, Nebraska the day after Labor Day. Spent mid-day to supper time with our friends Bobbie and Jim. For supper, Bobbie cooked up the fresh trout that our neighbor gave us. Boy was it good. We saw the neighbor tonight, upon returning to our rig, and thanked him for the fish. Today he and his wife had gone to a large potato farm down the road and watched them harvest potatoes. There were a bunch of potatoes that the farm didn’t want so they brought home a huge box of them. The potato I saw on top of the box was HUGE ! Probably 8-9” long and big around as my fist….that would be a whole meal. We said our farewells to Bobbie and Jim…we think we can get together again in January or February, depending where our travels take us. We know we’ll find a way…not a matter of “if”…just a matter of “when”.

Last night we got to have dinner with our friends Wendy and Cindy at Wendy’s parents’ cabin,outside of South Fork. WP8300012e had such a good time catching up with them and getting to know Bill and Jean…such sweet people. I think they live in Los Alamos and come up on weekends to their cabin. Wendy and her mom fixed a  great meal of roasted vegetables,mushroom stroganoff and poppyseed cake for dessert. Everything was soo good! P8310009 This morning we had the girls over and Linda fixed french toast with cream cheese and fresh peaches. A yummy start to the day plus more time to chat with Wendy and Cindy. We’re hoping to cross paths in January or February when we go to Texas for our annual meeting. We’ve had such a good time here with all of our friends. Life on the road is so rich with the friends we’ve made and quality time we get to spend with them.

Just three jobs standing between us and getting back home for some time off with our kids and family, picking up our new rig and visiting friends.

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