Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arrived in Durango…


Left Springville around 7:30 this morning and got into Durango around 3:45. What an awesome drive to get here ! Some of the most picturesque roads to make up for one great day of traveling. Took 6/89 through Price Canyon down to 70, then 191 through Moab. At Monticello, we cut over to Cortez area (although we bypassed the actual town) and then took 160 over to Durango. I usually don’t give you specific routes, etc. but today was an awesome trip. I’ve never seen rocks with such a reddish color as we saw in the Price Canyon area. If you want a great place to stop and take a break (we ate our lunch here), stop at the rest area just before you get on 191 toward Arches National Park. It sits up on a hill and there are great 360 degree views. P8100019There were some beautiful flowers around the buildings and I got this shot of the bees having a feast of pollen for their lunch. The little devils were so quick, flitting from one blossom to another, that it took me several tries to capture a shot of one. Look at how he’s gripping the flower with his front legs to get the pollen out.




P8100009 P8100010
P8100012 P8100024
P8100028 Wilson ArchP8100030

Moab is a cute town…surrounded by lots of neat rock formations. In case you can’t tell, I have this thing for rocks. I love cool formations and I’m sure Linda gets tired of me saying how “amazing” different ones look as we’re driving down the road. Yep, I like ‘em. Yesterday, when Linda called the campground where we’re supposed to work, she asked if they could take us one day early since we were running ahead of schedule. They said sure…might have to go in a water and electric only site but we said that was fine. Linda had also scheduled for us to meet with two different parks to get their paperwork out of the way tonight so we can start selling tomorrow. We arrive at the campground and they don’t have a site for us. We had to find a site at another park down the road till we can get in there tomorrow. IF we’d known all of this, we would have stopped at the Arches National Park (one of my bucket list  items) and seen all of the cool formations there. We did get our meetings out of the way…one good thing.

Been a long day…we’re tired and cranky….off to bed. Have to get our tails in gear and sell our butts off ‘cause we only have two weeks to get these four parks done. We’ll keep you posted…

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