Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Made In America

Interesting piece on the news last night. A reporter, for ABC news collected items from all of the presidential candidates, that they sell while running for office, and checked to see how much of it was made in America. All of the candidates are doing some tough talk about what they’d do to create jobs but how many of them actually are “walking the walk” when it comes to spec’ing the items they sell on the campaign trail. In my mind if they didn’t think to specify the importance of these items being produced in this country, while running for the most important position in this country, then their head isn’t in the game at all for job creation.

Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich flunked with t-shirts from foreign countries. When asked about it, they gave some really lame excuses for why they didn’t choose American made (rush order, etc). Ron Paul didn’t really care….felt it was a non issue that the market determines who to buy from (that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling). I am familiar with Herman Cain, having heard him speak at one of our NACUFS national conference since his background is in the food industry. Intelligent guy, very articulate but not presidential material to me. I hope this news piece opens a lot of people’s eyes. Rick Santorum, from Pennsylvania, when asked about it was the most ridiculous. He didn’t have an intelligent answer at all and talked gibberish. Even weeks after the report, he still hadn’t answered the reporter on whether he intended to switch suppliers. Not surprising…never been a fan of Rick’s.

Most of the other candidates are using the same t-shirt supplier in the U.S….Bayside. Bayside said that if these other candidates, who were using non-American products, switched and starting using their American made product they would need to add 500 more positions to their payroll. That’s job creation ! Too bad these four presidential hopefuls didn’t take the first step to strengthen our economy. Short sighted for sure…

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