Friday, August 26, 2011

Arrived in South Fork

Left Durango yesterday morning and headed to South Fork to hang out with our friends Bobbie and Jim for a while before moving on to Nebraska for our next job. We’ll also get to see our friends Cindy and Wendy provided they can get a flight out of Richmond. They were supposed to fly out Friday but they e-mailed us this morning and said their flight has been cancelled due to Hurricane Irene coming up the coast. They have rescheduled for a Sunday flight so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well that they can take their flight out. Linda and I are both watching the weather closely as so many of our family is on the east coast. My son is in Philadelphia area and my daughter is in Boston. Three of Linda’s kids are in the Virginia Beach area and one is in Williamsport, PA. Everyone please say a little prayer for everyone in the storm’s path. It sure sounds like it’s going to be very devastating for some areas.

Lots of thunderstorms in our area…seems every time we take the trike out for a ride, it rains. We ran into rain yesterday for the majority of the drive here from Durango. I had to stop and put another layer of clothes on, as it gets really chilly coming over Wolf Creek Pass. I could have sworn the rain that stung my face, up on the summit was actually ice pellets. I had taken my face shield off because it’s been so hot out but I may need to put it back for the trip to Nebraska.

End of August marks our sixth month at this job. We really love it and the relationships that we’ve made with merchants and park owners is great. For our full-time RV’ing friends, they know what we mean about the quality of the friendships you make on the road with people. Well, every day of work is like that. Meeting amazing people, with unique and varied backgrounds, and you begin to develop an amazing relationship with people that you’ll get to see year after year.

Heard from the RV dealer in New Jersey and our rig arrived today. Yay !! Now if I can get him to wrap it in bubble wrap till Hurricane Irene passes, I’ll feel much better. Keeping my fingers crossed that Williamstown, NJ is not in the path of any flying debris !

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