Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leaving Jackson Soon

P8050006 We’re trying to finish up the two parks in this area. We drove up to Moran on Friday and met with the manager there to go over their changes. We met a neat couple, from Georgia who were on their way to Sturgis. They had a Harley motorcycle and were pulling a trailer. We stood there for quite a while and chatted about all sorts of things. While we stood there, we noticed that some mud swallows had built a nest up in the roof structure over the gas pumps. You can see the little baby birds heads poking out of the openings. P8050008 While we were sitting in the truck, waiting for the owner, we watched this squirrel who had made a home under one of the cabins. Cute little guy ! It was a morning for critters….

Passing thunderstorms today…still nice temps. Have to turn the heated mattress pad on at night…it gets so chilly. Last night we had a pizza from Mountain High Pizza Pie, in downtown Jackson. They deliver to the campground so we did that while the Nationwide race was on. We got a grecian delight which had onions, feta, black olives, fresh garlic and sesame seeds on a whole wheat crust. It was the first pizza we’ve had in quite a while…I really liked it but Linda thought it was a little dry.

Next Sunday we’ll be in Durango and our trike will be delivered to us. Mike, the guy who picked it up in Oklahoma said that everything went well and the trike is safe and sound until he brings it Sunday. He said it was very hot in Oklahoma ! I hope all of the hot weather finishes up before we start heading east again. We worked out our work schedule for next year and submitted that to our boss. I think he has a number of jobs that need to be done that he will put out there for people to pick up so will be interesting to see where they might be. We’ll see how that whole thing works.

Not much going on…hitting the road on Tuesday.

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