Saturday, August 13, 2011


P8120012 We are settled in and spent Thursday in the Durango area and all day Friday in the BayfiP8110011eld area. Had a really great lunch at a BBQ place in Bayfield. Boomer got to eat the food we weren’t able to finish. Their home-made BBQ sauce was really good !

We went to both of the campgrounds in Bayfield to pick up some brochures to use when we go out to sell. They are situated on the edge of a beautiful lake. This wood carving is at one of the campgrounds and is of a firefighter holding a raccoon. Lake Vallecito in CO

Today we took the free trolley downtown. There is a pick-up point right in front of the campground and there are routes all over town….what a godsend for not having to find a parking place when it’s so congested downtown. We had noticed yesterday, when we were downtown, that the local theatre is playing “The Help”. We went to the 1:30 showing today and what a wonderful movie it was. Humorous and thought provoking, it depicts life in the 60’s from the perspective of the African American women who served as maids in Jackson, Miss. A young woman, who studied journalism, got the idea to tell what life was like from the point of view of “The Help”. It’s a wonderful movie that will make you laugh and cry and question how some people could every have treated black people that way. There are some aspects of American history that are pretty embarrassing to think ever transpired in this country. If only the humanity aspect of our civilization would escalate and mature as much as the technology side of things, we’d be so much more evolved.

We walked around Durango and there are so many beautiful buildings. We found a store, just like one in Creede, CO where they sell infused olive oil and aged and flavored balsamic vinegar. We spoke with the owner and told her about the Creede store. She had just been to the Creede store yesterday and was surprised that there was something else like her store. They get their stuff from the same supplier…just label it with their own name. Linda sampled the fig balsamic and roasted garlic olive oil, which she had not done when Bobbie and I bought some bottles in Creede. Good stuff !!

P8130015 P8130016
I loved the look of these old doors and entryway..P8130017 P8130018
P8130020 P8130021
Look at the old sign on the side of the building…P8130023 Train station – train goes to SilvertonP8130014

Great old buildings, beautiful flowers and some cute shops. We had a great time looking around and then caught the trolley back to the campground. The trolley runs till 10 p.m. so very handy for night owls.

Tomorrow our trike gets delivered to us here at the campground. Turns out our next door neighbor, here in the campground, has a Harley trike that he bought a while ago on Ebay. He showed it to us in the back of his toyhauler and it’s a beautiful bike. He went out for a ride after supper. We won’t be able to go out for a ride tomorrow as the temporary tag didn’t get here yet from our mailing service. It was overnighted on Thursday but no sign of it yet. Remember when “overnight” meant that you’d have it the next day ? Guess that’s not the case anymore. We’re excited to get it and explore the area with it !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

So what's the name of the BBQ place? We might take a day trip to Durango before we leave the area and we are partial to BBQ joints.
Surprised about another infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar place...I though Creede's was unique. But I love that fig vinegar...think I'll buy a bottle before we leave.
Miss you both.