Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Trike Ride

P8160008 Went for our first trike ride Tuesday night. Found a small excursion in a biker brochure, that our neighbor Bill gave us, so we went out for three hours. Went to Chimney Rock, which was nice riding through farm lands and off the highway riding. Don’t know anything about this particular land formation…it was pretty to look at and we were just happy to go out for a ride. Linda saw some deer and turkeys along the road while we were riding. It was really, really hot riding since the temps during the day had gotten up to the low 90’s. We each wore jeans but had forgotten Newton’s law of gravity that all wrinkles and folds hold sweat when you sit on a leather seat. Whew, it was a hot one and even by the time we arrived home (7:45) it hadn’t cooled down much.

Sure P8160022 was a pretty ride though. Bike handles nice…a little different than the last trike I had but really comfortable. Linda thought she was sitting in a big ole Lazy Boy recliner…sprawled out in the back..listening to tunes as we rode down the road. A good time for sure…

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