Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally Got it Worked Out !

outlaw For several months now, we’ve been working with several RV dealers, around the country, to work out a deal on a Damon Outlaw toyhauler. One of the dealers we’ve been working with is Whitehorse RV, in Williamstown, NJ. Over the last few weeks, each time we’d get close to finding an Outlaw like we wanted, they’d sell it. According to the salesman I’m dealing with, Thor only produces 100 Outlaws a year and this dealership has already sold 5 or 6 this year. Well, on Friday we got everything worked out to get one. Financing is done….Our Outlaw is rolling out of the factory in another week or so and will have all the options and features that we wanted. The dealership will get it and hold onto it till we get there in early October to trade in Bertha and our 5th wheel. We’re so excited ! Now our trike, Vanessa (that’s her name) will have a garage of her very own.P8200012

Today we took Vanessa for a spin over to see our friends, Bobbie and Jim in South Fork. Started out hot, here in Durango, but hit rain on top of Wolf Creek Pass and my hands were freezing by the time we got off the mountain. Significantly cooler in the South Fork area than in Durango. Had to exchange our shorts and t-shirts for jeans and jackets for the ride home. Brrr….Got home just as the rain moved in at a steady clip.P8200008 Was great to surprise our friends…We finish up in Durango and leave on Thursday. Going to South Fork to See Bobbie, Jim and our friends Wendy and Cindy, who will be in the area visiting family. Will be great to see all of them before we head east for the winter months.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Hay, that photo of Vanessa sure looks familiar LOL. Great to see you both and can't wait will Thursday to have you with us again.

Movable Book Lady said...

It's a gorgeous set-up, all right, but my practical side wants to know whether you have to take the whole rig to do grocery shopping or laundry. Or do you have a washer/dryer in your new rig? And only buy groceries once a month since you have huge storage space now. If so, sweet.