Saturday, August 27, 2011


Took the trike out this afternoon for a ride to Creede. Another day of dodging rain drops….seems whenever we hit the road the P8270006black clouds roll over. Had a great ride to Creede…amazing how different the scenery is from riding in a car vs riding on a motorcycle. We went to the old firehouse and had ice cream cones…yum ! While in Creede we walked around and found this little sitting area where the  flowers were really gorgeous. There is also a really pretty mural of the P8270007 local wildlife. Very nicely done. Not much going on…trying to do little housekeeping chores before we turn our rig in. Think I’ll wash the rig tomorrow. It got really filthy driving in the rain the other day. We haven’t been able to wash it in any of the parks we’ve been staying in so it’s due for a bath.

We were worried when we heard from our sales rep, Al at Whitehorse RV that our rig had arrived just ahead of the hurricane. As you recall from my last post, I asked him to please wrap it in bubble wrap to keep it safe. He sent me this picture and told me he had it put in an empty service bay to keep it safe and sound. What a sweetie and what great customer service ! He promises to send me more pictures of the unit but I’m sure he has his hands full with the storm roaring through.Outlaw in NJ 


Look at the row where we’re parked here at Moon Valley. Looks like an Excel family reunion. An older Excel next to us and two identical ones on the far left in the row. And there’s another Excel in a back row….holy smokes ! Ours in the dirtiest one in the row….The guy in the first slot, on far left, has a heavy duty truck…makes Bertha look like a her baby sister. Big truck !

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