Sunday, August 28, 2011

Now we know what that sound is…

P8280008 The last time we were here, every so often we’d hear this really shrill chirp when we’d be outside. I’d look around for a bird of some sort, never seeing anything. Then I thought maybe it was some warning signal for what I didn’t know. I heard it again today when I’ve been working outside. I saw our next door neighbor outside his rig so I asked him what that sound is. Whistling pig, he says. Whistling what ?!? A marmot or whistling pig….I’ve heard of a marmot but guess I’ve never seen one. I asked if it’s like a woodchuck…sort of. Well I caught sight of one out back of our rig. he wasn’t whistling…he was pretty intent on eating. From the looks of him, it would seem to be his favorite pastime. Maybe his whistler is broken cause he’s not making that sound. Maybe it’s not a marmot or whistling pig, although Gary said there are several of them around here.

Just finished a rowdy round of thunderstorms in the valley here….I guess mother nature figured the rig needed a second rinse since I gave the rig a bath this morning. Still dark clouds hanging around…might be mustering up an encore performance. And we didn’t even take the trike out today. Need to keep it parked now till our plates arrive (tomorrow hopefully) since our temporary tag expired yesterday.

California Little Leaguers played a great game ! Very evenly matched game with Japan, with great hits and great defense. I always hate to see them cry when they lose. I know it’s really heart breaking to lose after coming so far but all of the teams should be really proud. There is still a lot of buzz about the Keystone team. The attendance figures were unbelievable this year…gave the kids a big league feel to their games to have the stadium packed with people.

Not much else happening today. Did some cleaning around the rig. Counting the days till we pick up the new rig and get to see our kids. Keeping in touch with our kids as Hurricane Irene makes her way up the coast. Becky, in Boston will be the last one to possibly see the affects of the storm. So far, she said a tree came down in her block but very little rain.


Tom and Donna Clapham said...

That's funny......a whistling what? I have never seen or heard of one. Something new all the time!!! rockin'

Bear and Butterfly said...

We saw the whistling pigs in South Fork when we visited Bobbie & Jim too. Aren't the fun?