Friday, February 20, 2009

Wonderful Circle of Friends....

One of the absolute best things about our life on the road is the wonderful group of people that we've met. The last two days we have been busy visiting with some of these friends. On Thursday we spent part of the day with our friend Jan, who we originally met in Texas.
We packed a picnic lunch of home-made potato salad, fresh strawberries, tossed salad and veggie "chicken" patties. We've been exposing Jan to vegetarian options (for those of you that don't know it...Linda and I are vegetarians). The last time we went out to lunch with Jan we all had veggie burgers and she loved them. Likewise, she liked the "pretend" chicken sandwiches, on the onion rolls, that Linda fixed. Spent the early afternoon framing some pictures for her and trying to fix some things on her computer....She's such a sweetie ! We just love hanging out with her.

After we left Jan, we went up the road to Crystal River to see some more "Awesome Amazons"....Carolyn and Roy. They have a beautiful lot in an RV resort outside Crystal River. Since Roy's background is in landscaping, he did a beautiful job of laying pavers and landscaping around their site that makes it like a little oasis at the end of the row. Linda wanted to steal the sun ornament they had hanging on the front of their shed but I talked her out of it. We spent a little while hanging out and talking, with them in their rig, and then we went out to dinner. We drove to a nearby town to a seafood restaurant, near the water, and had a great meal with them. We got caught up on what they've been up to since we last saw them in December. It was great to see them !
Today our friends stopped by, on their way back home to North Carolina, and had lunch with us. We met Wendy and Cindy several years ago at a Life On Wheels conference in Allentown, PA and have stayed in touch ever since. We hope to see them both on the road, once they both retire, and become fulltime RV'ers. They are headed to an RV show in their area this next week so we told them to check out all the new rigs and let us know what they find. They hope to put their house on the market around April 1 so we wish them a speedy sale.
So the last two days have been filled with good friends, lots of belly laughs and good food. What more could a person want ? We truly feel blessed.

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Movable Book Lady said...

Cool. Of the five people, I've met four of them. Nice to see their pix. Hope to see you in Lake Charles.