Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plan B...

Linda has been running around last week and this week getting all the tests and health check-up done that she needs to have in order to work at this hospital in Louisiana. Then, on Monday she gets a call that the hospital, where she is supposed to work, is no longer in need of nurses. Bummer ! Major Bummer ! Linda decided that since she almost has all of the tests completed anyway AND she can't even begin to get work in Louisiana UNTIL she gets her LA license, that she will proceed with the process. So, off we went to Brookville yesterday for the last test. (She figured up tonight that she has over $300 invested in all this testing, etc.)This morning she gets a call, from the agency, that the hospital, she was supposed to go to, will re-open the nursing pool in April. Good News except that they are accepting just a few nurses so we are hoping to get all of Linda's paperwork done and submitted, to the agency next week, so that she has a shot at one of the openings. It has been very nerve wracking and stressful around here lately :( Everyone out there please think good thoughts so she can get this position !!

Today we spent a good part of the day with our friend Jan...saying farewell and getting to meet her friend Nan, who is also an LPN. Linda and Nan talked "shop" while Jan and I visited. We had a great lunch together of fresh veggies and fruit. We'll miss our weekly visits with Jan but will stay in touch by e-mail.

On tap, for the rest of the week.... start putting things away outside...packing the truck, etc. Today I installed the new light fixture that the factory sent me in place of the one that stopped working. I guess that was my project for the day...(always seems to be at least one). Still waiting for my fingerprint check to come back...I checked with my company and they haven't heard anything yet. It's been 7 weeks !

Will fill Bertha up before we head out of here...diesel continues to drop. Is $2.05 across the street but with a Wal-Mart card is another .03 off....good price !

At this point our plan is to pull out of here Sunday afternoon and drive up to Ocala and boondock overnight there. Monday morning we have an appt to get the Mor-Ryde suspension aligned and checked out. They will also install the new bolts on the motorcycle lift for us. Will probably leave the shop around mid-day and then we're going to Tallahassee to see Linda's nephew. We'll stay near him Monday night and then start making our way towards Summerdale, Alabama on Tuesday. That is the plan as of this moment...stay tuned...things are bound to change.


Movable Book Lady said...

Bureaucrats! Best of luck, though, and let's hope it all falls in place. At the moment, I'm planning on leaving Livingston TX on Tues am, heading for Mobile AL where I'll turn northwards. Keep in touch. We may yet pass in the night, or something.

TwoSides said...

We'll leave a lite on for ya here in AL (not Alaska)

Jim and Bobbie said...

So sorry for the bug in your plans for Lousiana. Hopefully the April opening will be yours. Can't wait to see you Tuesday at Summerdale.