Monday, February 2, 2009

Webster Flea Market

Today we went to the huge flea market that is located about 8 miles from here. It is touted as being the largest flea market in the country. That could be as every time we came to the end of one row or building, there was another to go down. There are a lot of vendors there with antiques and collectibles, but then there are vendors selling everything from puppies or birds to watches, purses, clothing or tools. There was one(could have been more than one) long building dedicated solely to fresh produce. Here are some pics of the wonderful variety of things to choose from.

Luscious vine ripened tomatoes and locally grown strawberries

All types of cheeses....

Carrots anyone ??? A whole trailer of them that they were bagging up...$1 for a bucket and $3 for a plastic shopping bag full. We bought a bucket of them...can't wait to cook them with a little honey butter over the finished product...YUM!!!
We also bought sweet potatoes, a large onion, fresh green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and baby red potatoes. We got a loaf of ciabatta bread and came right home and made a tomato sandwich with it. Delicious !

The flea market is held every Monday so it will be a great place to go to get our weekly stash of veggies for the week. Oh, and did I mention the huge dish of strawberry shortcake that we bought there. It was a yummy trip to the market on a dreary, rainy day.

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