Friday, February 27, 2009

Biker Babes from Bushnell

We stopped by the gas station, out in front of Wal-Mart, to get Bertha filled up cause the price on diesel has dropped to $1.99 ($1.96 with a gift card). (That's a .06 drop in just the last 24 hours). While there we ran into a guy who had a trailer on his truck that he was hauling his motorcycles in. Linda struck up a conversation with him, while I pumped, and he said he came down from Ohio for Bike Week in Daytona Beach. That got our wheels turning. We decided to take advantage of the 85 degree day we're going to have tomorrow by taking the bike to Daytona Beach for the festivities. Neither of us have ever been to it and since we're this close we figure we might as well go check it out. So that's the plan for tomorrow. We started packing away our patio furniture and skirting since the forecast is calling for rain Sunday morning. I hate packing up in the rain so we wanted to get it done today since we'll be away tomorrow. Should get lots of great pics so will post them when we return.

I keep forgetting to mention that we've been working on our "retirement skills" while here. Linda and I have tried our hand at shuffleboard and it's really quite fun. We go out on the shuffleboard court when the serious players have all left and we just goof around for awhile. It's fun ! Those little waxed pucks really scoot when you slide them so it takes a light touch. We feel we're well on our way in our training for true retirement someday.

This afternoon the RV doctor made a house call to replace the mixing valve on the hot water heater. That only took about 30 minutes so now we have hot water. Hooray! Now I can have my long, lingering showers once again. We are happy that it is fixed and all it cost us was a service call. Atwood sent a new mixing valve because they know there is a problem with this valve when it goes through the winterization process plus we were only a month beyond our warranty on the hot water heater.

Life is good !

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