Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our New Home....

Here's a picture of our lot at The Oaks.

We have a good size site and very nice neighbors. Concrete patio and sidewalk out to the street.We got the front skirting on the rig as tomorrow the weather forecast is calling for a pretty good chance of rain and we want to get the bike in out of the rain. I got part of the rig cleaned and waxed. It had alot of road grime on it.
A guy came by this morning, while I was cleaning the rig, and asked if the plate on the front of the truck says what he thinks it says " Pennsylvania College of Techonology". I told him, "Yes"...that I used to work there. Turns out he is from Williamsport and still has a house there. We chatted a bit about how cold it is up north and he said that this is their first full year down here. The people are really friendly here. Folks stop over and say hello and chat when they see us out.
Tomorrow we're going to go to the Webster Flea Market and check out the surrounding area. We're looking forward to seeing what is in the vicinity and scouting out jobs in the neighborhood.

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