Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Hate it When It Ends Like That...

Nascar races, that is. The race is going along just fine and then I get up to get more iced tea, come back and they've red flagged the race and stopped it for rain. Anticlimactic,to say the least. Not that I don't like Matt Kenseth....he's an OK guy but it just pulls the plug on the best part of the race. Oh well, the season is just starting so there are many more races to enjoy.

Today has been sort of a down day for us...just relaxing in between it trying to rain. Linda used some of the "Envy" metal polish on the bike and it did an awesome job on some of the areas that had gotten some rusty spots. Took off the rust and left a great shine. The Envy wax (which requires no washing) is what I used on the roof yesterday. We won a whole kit of "Envy" products when we were at an Escapees event in Livingston two years ago. Amazing stuff !! I'm getting low on the waterless stuff and will need to buy some more soon but it is pretty pricey stuff.

I also did some light maintenance on the rig that I could squeeze in between rain showers. Tomorrow is our day to get veggies at the Webster Flea market. Our friends Wendy and Cindy are coming to visit later this week so we want to pick up some good stuff that we will have for lunch when they come by.

Not much else happening...hoping tomorrow that Linda's paperwork arrives so we can get going on that. We're working on our travel itinerary for when we leave. Stay tuned...

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