Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot Tub Adventures

One of the reasons we picked this campground to stay at, is the fact that they have a hot tub. Having had a hot tub in our previous house, that is the one thing that we've missed since being on the road so we thought it would be a nice treat for us to enjoy the one here. Well, today is the first that we've taken advantage of the hot tub. The hot tub area closes at dusk, each night, so by the time we remember, it's always too late or it was out of order (has been broken down for close to two weeks now).

We arrived up at the hot tub area to find the pool area pretty busy and two people in the hot tub. My cell phone rang, as we were getting ready to get in so I took the call while Linda got in and began to chat with the two guys in there. When I finished my phone conversation I got in and the two guys were in the process of getting out. An older woman had gotten in and Linda was chatting with her. Another man came over and joined us in the hot tub. Seems he is a friend of the lady that was also in the tub with us. The lady was talking about the health problems her husband has been having lately so I was sort of half listening. She was from upstate NY, near Syracuse and comes to Florida for six months out of the year. The lady left the hot tub so her friend was left with Linda and I.

The guy was on the short side, pudgy belly and a bit of a comb over going on. He said that his wife had flown home because her mother was dying of cancer. That elicited an "Awwww" from both of us but I knew I must have missed part of the conversation when the next thing I knew, Linda was asking me if I was ready to go. I was sitting on the opposite side of the hot tub from where Linda and this guy were sitting but I sensed that something was up. She informed me, as we walked back to the rig, that the sentence immediately after the part about "My wife has flown home to be with her dying mom" was in the form of a question on whether she and I were interested in a threesome. Yuck ! So much for grief !..... My diminished hearing had made me miss this whole thing as it played out. What started out to be a relaxing soak in the hot tub turned into a short dip and dash back to our rig.....(sigh)The thought of a pervert lurking at the hot tub will keep us away for the duration of our stay.

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