Friday, February 6, 2009

Things Are Looking Up....

According to the weather forecast, we should start seeing warmer temps here tomorrow. Today it was in the 60's but for the next ten days, it has been forecasted to be in the mid-70's to almost 80 each day. Even better yet will be warmer night time temps. This morning we actually had our water freeze momentarily, where it comes into the rig from the outside faucet. This doesn't last for long...once we turn on the faucet, we get the temporary hesitation of it being frozen over but then the "call for water" is enough to cut everything loose.
The overnight temps will now warm up so that we won't have temps in the 30's but even as high as 60 overnight...that will be great !Hopefully the weather forecast will hold and we'll get the temps they have predicted.
On Thursday we had a great day out with a friend of ours who lives in nearby Inverness. We first met our friend at the Care Center in Livingston, Texas two years ago. If you've read past posts, on our blog, you'll recall that this is a facility (only one of its kind in the country) where RV'ers can stay in their rigs but get assistance with daily living tasks if they have had surgery or are no longer able to take care of normal daily functions. Our friend moved back to Florida almost a year ago to be closer to family and friends. We are glad to have her closer to us and are delighted that we're able to spend time with her while we are here. We had a great time Thursday running errands and checking out the town of Inverness. What a cute town !
It's been a week since we arrived in Florida. We are enjoying checking out the resort where we are staying, as well as the nearby area. Today we went and got our propane filled. There is a ParGas place just about two blocks down the road from us. $15 to get our 30# tank filled....what a great price ! Another good deal is the diesel price right across the street at Murphy USA (outside of Wal-Mart....just $2.16 gal. with a gift card from Wal-Mart. $2.19 without a gift card. Up to .20/gal. cheaper than area stations.
Now that the temps are warming up, we want to get the bike out and check out some other towns in the area. We want to go to Ocala, The Villages and find some manatees.....we're on a mission.

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