Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip Planner.....

Thought it might be helpful for some of you to tell you about some of the web sites that we use when we travel. These sites help with directions, but more importantly, help to find the best prices on fuel when we need it. When you are driving through an area there can be a considerable price difference between stations, depending where they are located. Since we now have a Verizon air card and can use the internet while traveling we are able to pull up these sites while going down the road to make the best choices when we need to get fuel.

We use these 3 large travel plaza type places to get a feel for what price variation there will be from one state to another. For instance, will it be cheaper to fill up in Georgia prior to entering Florida.

We also use the book, "The Rv'ers Friend" which shows us the locations of diesel stations and parking locations. There is also a trucker version of this book. Both of these are available at most truck stops.

By using the "Trip calculator" function at:
you can do many cool functions in the "advanced" feature to locate the stations along your route that have the cheapest fuel. By putting the starting point for your trip and any stops along the way, you can chart a course telling you where to stop for gas along the way. You plug in how many gallons of fuel your tank holds, your typical mileage and how much gas you currently have in your tank. It will also calculate your fuel cost for your trip.

When we are stationary and want to find the lowest prices, for any type of fuel, we use:

This will locate and plot, on a map, where the stations are...from cheapest to most expensive. A nice feature when we are in a new town that we aren't familiar with. We have used these resources to save as much as .30/gallon in some cities when filling up.

Here's hoping that they can help you travels !!

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