Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving Motel

P4300001 Last night, while we were sitting outside our friends motorhome, I saw this rig pull in the campground and up to the office. It seemed very tall but it wasn’t until another motorhome pulled up behind it that I realized just how tall it was. It said Das Rollende Hotel on the side of the bus. (If you click on the link, you’ll go to their web site and see some cool pictures but unless you understand German, you won’t be able to read anything on their site…cool pics though !) They pulled into a site that was close to the rest rooms and started to get set up for the night. The door opened and people started pouring out. Wendy took her smart phone and researched the name from the side of the bus. Turns out it’s a touring company that specializes in economical tours for foreigners.

The front part of the bus is where the 24 passengers ride, like on a typical bus. The back half is where there are 26 sleeping compartments (24 for passengers and 2 for the drivers). If you open the picture,P4300002 the area under the large windows is a pull out kitchen. It was pretty amazing. All of the tables that they are sitting at, were unloaded from the bus storage bays. (That’s some serious storage space !)




P4300005 P4300009

On the left side of the bus, there was an entrance area for the sleeping compartment.We didn’t see them set it up but if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that the roof part looks like it flips up and the floor of the area pulled out of the coach. There are legs under the area to support it and a set of steps leading up to the platform. Very interesting ! We were very intrigued by it and kept watching what they were doing and tried to snap some pictures without appearing too obvious. Made for an interesting discussion during happy hour.


Movable Book Lady said...

Wow! Seriously cool. I bet they're used to folk wandering over. Why don't we have Amer. companies doing stuff like this? either here in the states or in other countries?

Dave and Susie said...

That is awesome! Wow, have never seen anything like it before.

Dave and Susie said...

I sent it to my daughter and she said it reminded her of Night Bus in Harry Potter. In a way it does, sorta.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Heard about this type of foreign transportation being offered, but never actually saw the bus before. Thanks for an interesting story. Good job.