Sunday, April 29, 2012

Petrified Forest/Painted Desert

We had a wonderful surprise on Thursday when our friends Wendy and Cindy called us and said they had read our blog and saw we wereP4290012 in Holbrook. They were planning on coming through Holbrook and said they would arrive on Saturday and would be staying till Tuesday. What a great surprise ! Our friend, Ross, from Denver also arrived on Saturday after finishing his workamper job at Boyce Thompson State Park. He had to lead what was supposed to be a five hour hike and turned into an eight hour ordeal, which put him on the road much later than he had anticipated. The girls arrived around mid-day and Ross got in around 8 on Saturday night.

We decided to take all of them to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest today. We had such a good time, hiking and taking in all of the sights.

P4290004 P4290005
P4290006 P4290008
P4290010 P4290011
P4290017 P4290020
P4290019 P4290018

On Thursday we drove to Flagstaff to call on some customers. When we left Holbrook, it was sunny and warm although the weatherP4260001 forecast said it might rain. After we had been in Flagstaff, for just a little while, it started snowing like crazy. Wet, sloppy snow covered the car and me while we were out selling. Thank goodness Linda brought some jackets cause we were freezing. Linda had shorts on and I had capris on which made it pretty chilly. Guess it’s not all that uncommon to have snow in Flagstaff this time of year, due to the 7000’ elevation. We surely weren’t expecting it !

Overall, it was an awesome weekend. We are heading out in the morning for Snowflake and Show Low for an early morning appointment and a day of selling down there. It’s 45 minutes to Snowflake and on from there to Show Low. Hoping for a good day. We have one more evening with Cindy and Wendy before they head out.

Hope everyone’s week is a good one !


Jim and Bobbie said...

Petrified forest is still on my bucket list. Thanks for the great photos. Had to laugh at the snow at this time of year as it could happen here in Alamosa/South Fork also.

Movable Book Lady said...

Show Low is about 50mi from Eagar where I spent quite a bit of time in 2010 and 2011. It's also at 7000 ft. Flagstaff used to be one of the 10 snowiest cities in the U.S. Once I was at the Grand Canyon in April, in shorts, too, and it started snowing. Had to dig out long pants.

Stay safe, y'all.

Dave and Susie said...

Great photos! Loved the one of the lizzard. Have had to put on my warm gear on up in Wyoming in July. Those sudden storms can swoop in fast and leave you freezing.