Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Friends and Good Food

We are leaving Brighton, CO in the morning. The last several days have been busy, wrapping up sales calls, a follow-up visit to the eye surgeon, visiting friends and using our Christmas present.

pigeon in a basket On Memorial Day we went and saw our friends, Bill and Lesle, and had supper with them. We’ve seen them each time we come to work in the Denver area and this year we visited them in their new house, instead of in their rig. They have come off the road, to care for family members, and it was so good to see them and catch up on how they’ve been doing. Their 5th wheel and truck are for sale and such a great set-up for anyone who wants to travel and have a reliable rig to do it in. We’re hoping they are able to sell it soon ! We got a picture of Bill and Lesle’s kitty, Pigeon, but forgot to get a picture of them to put on our blog. Sorry guys !

On Tuesday afternoon we had to go for our first follow-up appointment since our eye surgery. Dr Cutarelli and us The “flap” is healing perfectly and I could read the bottom line on the eye chart. Woohoo ! Linda B told Dr. Cutarelli how life changing this has been for her. To be able to see things now, without glasses, is like a rebirth. She gave him a big ole hug and he is such a sweet guy…not in a hurry at all to rush on to his next patient. He took all the time we wanted to talk and ask questions, just as he did prior to our surgery. He said he was tempted to knock on the door of the rig, when he left work Friday night and saw us parked in the parking lot. We told him he should have….we would have loved to have him stop by and see our rig. We told him what a gorgeous view of the city skyline we had and how much we appreciated him letting us stay there for two nights. He’s such a down to earth guy…we just love him ! We will have our final check-up with him on June 22 to make sure everything is as it should be with our eyes. We’ll be in Breckenridge at that time so a little bit of a jaunt, to return to Denver, but something that needs to happen.

We left Dr. Cutarelli and went to The Melting Pot for supper. We’ve been carrying around a gift card, since Melting Pot Christmas that Linda’s daughter and SIL got us but we don’t encounter cities where they have locations very often so we seized the opportunity to do it while we’re in the Denver area. Oh my, what a decadent night we had ! They were having a special that benefitted the area food bank that consisted of a bottle of wine, along with four courses of food. For the appetizer course we got to have a garlic herb cheddar cheese with veggies, bread and apples to dip in it. This particular location created the garlic herb blend and it will soon be rolled out to all their locations. Let me tell you it’s a winner ! They concocted an awesome cheese blend for whatever you throw into it.

Next was a Caesar salad, followed by a lobster tail, an assortment of meats, salmon and shrimp. I don’t remember the broth that was in the pot. Chad, our server, asked us to trust him on the selection of it so we did. It was very aromatic and tasted great with our meat choices. We also had veggies and potatoes to cook in the broth. We couldn’t eat everything but cooked it up melting pot dessert to put in a “to go” box. We had to save room for dessert ! There’s a whole list of chocolate choices on the dessert menu but we picked dark chocolate with Bailey’s liqueur added to it. Yum ! Along with that came a plate with cheesecake, choc and plain marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, brownie bites and rice krispie treats (or as our waiter called them…Alabama caviar). Here’s the picture of the pot when it arrived, before we got started. There was not a drop remaining in that pot when we finished with it. Oh boy, were we stuffed to the gills after eating all of that food. Such a cool place and a neat experience. If you ever get near a Melting Pot, you should try it. They’re not cheap but a fun way to kill a couple hours or celebrate a special occasion. Chad, our server is leaving in another 14 months (he’s been a server there for five years) and is going to Maui to open a wine bar. He was a lot of fun to have as our server.

Leaving in the morning around ten, to head into the mountains. Anxious to see what it looks like around Breckenridge. Everyone has told us that we’re going to love it. I’m sure they are right.


Movable Book Lady said...

Hooray for the eyes! Boy, does that food sound great! I've never heard of the Melting Pot but I'll remember it. You know, Colorado is the one western state I never got to -- NM AZ UT WY ID NV etc all yes, but CO no. Wonder why? Oh well, next time. Have a great time in Breckenridge.

CaylaJo said...

So wonderful to have met you LindaB :) you are so sweet and seeing a friendly face made moving here a little easier! Good luck on your travels, can't wait to follow along! :)

Bobbie and Jim said...

So glad you enjoyed The Melting Pot. It's been years since I've been there, but it was wonderful! So happy you are pleased with the laser surgery...good for you. Glad you got to visit with Bill and Lesle as well.