Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lets Catch Up…

P5120009 We left Arizona on Friday afternoon and drove as far as Grants, NM. Stayed at the Cibola Sands KOA, near what we thought were piles of old asphalt along I-40. Turns out that it’s actually lava, from a nearby volcano that flowed over the land and solidified. P5120010

It’s comforting to know that the DOT is responsible about where they put their old asphalt. One of the KOA employees pointed out the dormant volcano, responsible for the lava. It’s one of 30 some in the area. This particular volcano is a sister volcano to Mount St. Helens because they both blew out their side wall and not from the top. There’s a joke in that whole discussion that I think it best I steer clear of.

We left Saturday morning, bound for the RV park where Cindy and Wendy are staying. It’s in a little P5120013 town above Santa Fe, off of 285. We got in around 2:00 and got set up. We had supper with the girls….Wendy made an awesome curry chicken salad, tomatoes, sweet potato fries and blackberries. On Sunday we went up to Wendy’s mom and dad’s house, in Los Alamos, and had a Mother’s Day brunch with them. We started the meal out with a special adult beverage. WendyP5130018 had fixed two different kinds of quiche, a spinach salad and pumpkin bread. Everything was really yummy ! Wendy’s dad had taken a nasty fall, a few days earlier, but still had the big bruise and swelling on his forehead to show for it. Yikes ! Saturday and Sunday night we played Wii bowling at their rig and had a great time. Monday morning we headed out for Colorado.

A little ways outside of Alamosa, Linda texted our friend Bobbie and told her it was too bad she and Jim weren’t in Alamosa as we would be arriving there soon. She texted back and said we are  bobbie & jim there….when are you gonna get here? They were shopping in Wally World, as we pulled into town and met them in the parking lot. What a neat coincidence to run into them as we were passing through Alamosa. We went into Subway and had a quick bite to eat and chatted for about an hour before hitting the road again. It was so good to see them again. We just love meeting up with our friends in our travels.

In Colorado there are the remnants of snow in the mountains….so pretty but glad it’s far away. We arrived in Brighton at 4:30, after dealing with rush hour traffic in Denver. Got settled in and was glad to relax…it was a long day of driving. Today was gorgeous with temps in the upper 70’s. Have our meeting with the manager tomorrow morning and will hit the streets selling after we do that.  Will be in Brighton till the end of the month.

P5140028 P5140031


Jim and Bobbie said...

So glad we got the chance to see each other. Love you, Bobbie

Dave and Susie said...

Wow...what a neat coincidence that the 4 of you would get to meet up. How cool is that! Miss all of you!

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

We used to live 30 miles north of Alamosa, CO in Crestone just prior to starting full-timing in 2008. Prior to that I was contracting in Phoenix which meant getting home to Crestone once per month was a lesson in not getting much done, LOL! We hope to go back that more between workamping sessions. But then again keeping up with our blog has proven just as challenging!

Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Donna used to live in Grants for 4.5 yrs. Can you believe that it was a really cool little town when there was Uranium mining going on years ago. Went to hell after that. They are only know for their prisons. That's where Donna worked at. Now you know why I'm always on probation!!! rockin'